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Uniview 4 Channel Hybrid DVR

4 Channel Hybrid DVR with up to 8MP @15FPS Camera Support
SKU: UV-XVR301-04Q3


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XVR301-Q3 Series

The XVR301-Q3 Series DVRs represent an advanced surveillance solution that supports a wide range of camera types and formats, including TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS, and IP cameras. This series is designed to accommodate both small-scale and larger surveillance systems with models offering 4-channel (XVR301-04Q3) and 8-channel (XVR301-08Q3) BNC inputs. They stand out for their ability to support high-resolution video output up to 4K, ensuring detailed and clear images.

Key Features:
Versatile Video Formats: Support for H.265/H.264 video formats allows for efficient storage and smooth video playback.
Audio Support: Audio transmission over coaxial cable is available for TVI cameras, integrating sound with visual monitoring.
Adaptive Access: The DVRs are compatible with various camera types, offering flexibility in building or expanding your surveillance system.
High-Resolution Output: HDMI output supports up to 4K resolution, providing ultra-high-definition video for detailed monitoring.
Long Transmission: These DVRs are capable of transmitting video over long distances via coaxial cable without losing quality.
ONVIF and RTSP Support: Ensures compatibility with mainstream cameras, facilitating easy integration into existing systems.

Model-Specific Features:
Offers 4-channel BNC and 2-channel IP video input, supporting a total of up to 6 cameras.
Supports analog cameras up to 8MP, providing high-resolution surveillance capability.
Features 1 SATA interface for extensive video storage with up to 8TB HDD capacity.

Provides 8-channel BNC and 4-channel IP video input, expanding support up to 12 cameras.
Supports IP cameras up to 8MP, enhancing the system’s surveillance potential with ultra-high-definition video.
Includes the same storage capabilities as the 4-channel model, ensuring ample space for recorded footage.

Network and Storage:
Increased Bandwidth: Incoming bandwidth supports up to 40Mbps, with the potential to expand further once all channels are converted to IP.
Remote Access: Supports up to 128 remote users, making it suitable for various applications, from retail to residential security.

Intelligent Features:
Smart Alarm: Includes ultra motion detection (UMD) for effective monitoring and reduced false alarms.
VCA Search: Facilitates efficient search of video footage based on specific behaviours, enhancing event investigation.

Connectivity and Construction:
Comprehensive Outputs: Features CVBS, VGA, and HDMI outputs, providing versatile options for video display.
Durable and Secure: Encased in a robust housing, these DVRs are designed for long-term use in diverse environmental conditions.

The XVR301-Q3 Series DVRs are an ideal choice for those seeking a high-performance, versatile, and user-friendly video recording solution. Whether upgrading an existing system or installing a new one, these DVRs offer the flexibility, compatibility, and high-definition output needed to meet a wide range of surveillance needs.


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