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Ajax vhfBridge (with casing) Black

Reliable security link via radio waves, ideal for remote areas.
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The Ajax vhfBridge in Black: Your Reliable Security Link – Anywhere! The Ajax vhfBridge in black is your trusted companion for uninterrupted security. It’s perfect for areas with spotty Internet or remote locations like nature reserves, mountains, and deserts. No Internet? No Worries Sketchy internet? The Ajax vhfBridge steps in to keep your security system connected. It’s the go-to solution for areas with unreliable internet. Reliable Radio Waves Using VHF radio waves the vhfBridge can send alarms and system updates across long distances. You’re ensuring that the security systems you install stay responsive, even in remote spaces. Your Choice: Primary or Backup The vhfBridge is adaptable. It can be your primary or backup communication channel. It quietly supports your system when the internet is stable but takes over instantly if there’s a glitch. Stylish and Functional The sleek black design of the Ajax vhfBridge blends seamlessly into any environment. It’s not just reliable; it’s an elegant addition to your Ajax Systems set up. Choose the Ajax vhfBridge for peace of mind. Whether you’re installing in the city or a remote corner of the world it keeps you connected to your security network – always. Upgrade your security with Ajax today!


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