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Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (CO) (8EU) ASP White

FireProtect 2 AC (CO) (8EU) ASP White
SKU: 60826.172.WH1


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FireProtect 2 AC Jeweller

60827.172.BL1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (CO)

60829.173.BL1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat)

60828.173.WH1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat)

60831.174.BL1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/CO)

60830.174.WH1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/CO)

60833.175.BL1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/Smoke)

60832.175.WH1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/Smoke)

60835.176.BL1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/Smoke/CO)

60834.176.WH1 Ajax FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/Smoke/CO)


Wireless mains-powered fire detector with options for heat, smoke, and CO sensors

FireProtect 2 AC is a mains-powered detector designed for residential fire safety. The unique smoke chamber does not require regular cleaning, and sophisticated software minimises false alarms. The dual-spectrum sensor instantly distinguishes smoke from steam, and two thermistors quickly react to the synthetic materials’ burning. The carbon monoxide sensor alarms before the concentration level becomes threatening. Everything meets the latest fire safety standards. Thought-out design, improved mounting panel with WAGO 221 connectors, and in-app settings make the installation process nice and easy, giving an ultimate experience for PRO.


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