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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a company that helps big businesses and governments around the world stay safe from online dangers. They have special tools called Check Point Infinity that are really good at stopping the newest types of cyber-attacks like viruses and ransomware.

Infinity has three important parts that keep everything safe for big companies: Check Point Harmony is for people working away from the office, Check Point CloudGuard makes sure information in the cloud is safe, and Check Point Quantum protects the networks and big computer centers. All of these are managed by really good security software.

Check Point helps more than 100,000 different organizations, no matter how big or small they are.

Greater Connectivity Leads To Greater Risk...

IP Protocol is the most common for communication between computer networks and the Internet.
Therefore, it is ideal for streaming high-quality video through networking infrastructures. IP surveillance
technology offers a connected surveillance solution that does not compromise reliability or picture
However, any connected IoT device is extremely vulnerable to targeted attacks that can disrupt services
and operations where the end goal is to yield financial gains (e.g. ransomware, crypto mining) or gain
a foothold into sensitive networks

Secure IP Surveillance Solution

Check Point and Provision ISR are partnering to provide the industry’s most secure IP surveillance solution.

Provision-ISR specializes in leading-edge CCTV solutions. Their wide range of products includes high quality IP and HD cameras, sophisticated recording machines and a complete set of reliable accessories specifically designed for the CCTV market.

In addition, Provision-ISR engineers have unparalleled expertise in developing leading-edge software solutions, while keeping the user interface intuitive and straightforward.

Check Point Quantum IoT Protect Firmware provides embedded device manufacturers, such as Provision-ISR, with a complete end-to-end solution for all their firmware security needs. From uncovering firmware security risks, to hardening their device with runtime protection, to managing their devices with granular policies, IoT makers gain the visibility, security and controls they need to offer customers highly secure connected products.

With embedded security in CCTV devices, Provision-ISR stands apart from other similar CCTV offerings. This builds user confidence in an ever evolving and dangerous cyber physical world.

Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent

Embedded Runtime Protection for IP Cameras Revolutionary Check Point IoT Protect™ with Nano Agent ® provides IP connected CCTV with runtime protection, enabling connected devices with built-in firmware security. Based on cutting edge control flow integrity (CFI) technology, the lightweight Check Point IoT Protect
™ with Nano Agent® allows you to fend off the most sophisticated device attacks, including shell injections, memory corruption, control
flow hijacking and even zero-day firmware vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered. These attacks are associated with some notorious exploits such as EternalBlue, Heartbleed, Shellshock, Bluebourne,
Ghost, Venom, and ImageTragick.

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