Discover the new Provision-ISR’s active deterrence cameras.

Unlike “standard” security cameras, which are commonly used to investigate an event after it happened, active deterrence cameras notify the intruder that his presence has been detected and drive him out of the premises.

For this reason, they can be compared to real alarm systems.

Provision-ISR’s Smart Alert cameras integrate active deterrence mechanisms (such as strobe light and speaker) into compact security devices. Provision-ISR enhances the cameras’ performance by enriching them with advanced artificial intelligence (DDA Video Analytics –Object Recognition Technology). Available in the Turret / Dome and bullet versions, with 4MP resolutions, Provision-ISR’s Smart Alert cameras include more exciting features such as the possibility to upload a customized audio message.

Provision-ISR’s active deterrence cameras are widely used in private properties’ perimeter protection, industrial or commercial areas. They are also used to prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas, parking lots, or pedestrian zones.

Let Provision-ISR’s Smart Alert cameras be your security guard!


Once they’re in the building, it’s too late. The Smart Alert cameras deter thieves before they enter the premises.