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PROVISION-ISR – Leading the Change

Things are changing within the CCTV and security industry...

We see it from both sides at Prana Vision Ltd, both from the wholesalers we supply and from the company whose products we distribute.

There has been legal and ethical ‘kick back’ in recent months over certain chipsets, and their vulnerability to being hacked.

...but what does it mean for the industry?

Essentially, it means that devices which have been built on top of Hisilicon chipsets (of which there are many) are no longer viable pieces of equipment for the industry, especially for market leading brands such as PROVISION-ISR, the company whose products we exclusively distribute.

There are legal implications – in that these chipsets have already been banned from certain countries.

There are also huge ethical implications – given that remote access from third parties was a distinct and worrying possibility.

PROVISION-ISR are leading the change proactively, by switching to a new provider of chipsets for the production of their equipment, the Taiwan based Novatek.

Novatek proudly state that they are…


  • “Striving to achieve and deliver the highest level of innovation and quality…”


  • “Proud that our products and services are well received and endorsed by global brand names…”

  • “Inspiring the industry in continuing its evolution, innovation and success.”


Looking at those statements, it’s easy to see why PROVISION-ISR are aligning themselves with such a company.

By association, Prana Vision Ltd are also very excited about this future partnership, as it bolsters confidence in the company and across the product range.

The combination of Israeli knowhow, experience and software, with this new chipset supplier in Novatek, will enable PROVISION-ISR products to continue their development into one of the major players within this highly competitive industry.

Prana Vision Ltd are proud to be the UK distributors of PROVISION-ISR products and services, as their values of responsibility and ethical operations are leading the change within the industry.

The move from one chipset to another isn’t just about navigating legal requirements of overseas markets, it’s about acknowledging what is ‘right’ and taking steps to ensure the company always follows that path.

That’s what PROVISION-ISR have done, and that’s why Prana Vision Ltd are proud to offer their range to the UK market.

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