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Call Us: 0161 660 6388


Provision Doorbell

Be Present when there’s no One Around. Provision-ISR’s Doorbell is here.

Doorbell cameras, also known as Video Doorbells, are smart home security devices that allow homeowners to keep an eye on their front door and receive alerts when someone approaches or rings the  Doorbell. By incorporating artificial intelligence algorithms, the Doorbell can analyse and interpret video footage, thus providing more advanced features and functionality.


Human Detection:
Our Doorbell has advanced AI algorithms that send notifications to your
smartphone whenever a human figure passes and triggers the smart sensor.

Face Detection/Recognition:
When our Doorbell is installed as a standalone device, it can differentiate a person’s face from another object without knowing exactly who that person is, thus offering Face Detection capabilities and sending push notifications to your smartphone accordingly. When the Doorbell is connected to a face recognition
NVR, the capabilities go a step further by detecting a person’s face and knowing who that person is! The detected face is compared with the face database in the NVR. It identifies specific individuals captured by the camera, allowing homeowners to receive alerts when a recognized face appears at the door, or even better, automatically opening the door to a family member.

Door control:
You may put your keys away once your Doorbell is properly connected to the front door. There are 3 ways to open the door:
– Make your way through with an RFID card (3 are included with the Doorbell kit), as the Doorbell is equipped with a proximity sensor.
– Unlock the door automatically with Provision-ISR’s Face Detection combined with a Face Recognition NVR for a family member or a close friend.
– Ring the bell to call the residents, and they will open the door remotely using the Provision Cam2 Mobile App. Our Smart Doorbell is designed to be user-friendly.

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