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LPR (Licence Plate Recognition)

Licence Plate Recognition (or LPR)

As UK distributors of PROVISION-ISR products, Prana Vision Ltd are able to offer industry leading advice and assistance to distributors and installers of CCTV and Security equipment.

We know the products well, and we’re proud to demo them from our UK Headquarters, but we wanted to shine a light on one area in particular – LPR.

For commercial and industrial settings, healthcare and educational settings, as well leisure and residential settings – the importance of recognising the vehicles that enter and exit a site is always growing.

Whether it’s about:

  • resident safety
  • staff management
  • restricted access…

…or anything else…

…knowing who is arriving on site, who is actually on site ‘right now’, and who is leaving site is vital.

With PROVISION-ISR’s Licence Plate Recognition, security personnel are able to access the information they need right at their fingertips, as and when they need it.


Vehicle Speed – If the exposure time is inaccurate, the result can be blurred images which are ultimately useless. PROVISION-ISR cameras have excellent exposure times, meaning that clear images are captured without the typical ‘luminous trails.’

Lighting – Lighting is a consideration with any camera equipment, as things that are clearly visible in daylight can be hard to see during the night, or even in poor weather conditions. PROVISION-ISR cameras operate well in all lighting conditions.

External Interferences – Other lighting sources can cause problems for the recognition process of the licence plate. Our expert advice at Prana Vision Ltd can help you ensure your set up is effective even with external interferences.

Plate Conditions & Differences – PROVISION-ISR technology recognises plates from many different countries and with letters in non standard form. This is crucial for any LPR set up. It’s called Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and only specialised cameras with the right software are up to it.

These considerations are important, but we can help with all of that.

Once you understand the equipment, the application is over to you…

  • Private Properties – automated access for residents and guests
  • Parking – automated access for employees and guests
  • Street Monitoring – vehicle monitoring

And there are plenty more besides.

Have a look at what PROVISION-ISR say about their LPR technology here:

or get in touch with the team at Prana Vision LTD for more information.

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