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Call Us: 0161 660 6388


How our cameras can help your business

Now we’ve introduced ourselves, here’s a little more detail on the products we supply.

Prana Vision Ltd only supply equipment from PRO VISION ISR, an Israeli brand known for its reliable high quality CCTV products at competitive prices.

PRO VISION ISR make products with industry leading accuracy, reliable engineering and excellent performance.

The company specialise in what it calls ‘leading edge’ CCTV solutions, which is exactly what Prana Vision Ltd want to bring to the UK market – Quality products at competitive prices.

The specifications of PRO VISION ISR products are up there with the very best in the industry, and you can expect to benefit from the latest technology and features right across the range.

We will cover some of the features and specifications of specific products in more detail over the coming weeks and months, however for now, distributors and installers can expect:

  • Video Analytics – Real time event detection & post event analysis
  • Detect Distinguish Alert (DDA) – Smart object recognition technology distinguishes between human beings and vehicles
  • Face Recognition – Intelligent video analytics
  • SHOB Security Management Platform – Detect, recognise and report vehicle licence plate information
  • Apps e.g. Provision Cam 2 – Full control including live playback, all from app based technology
  • HD Technology – High-definition CCTV
  • Smart Plate Recognition – Vehicle recognition has never been so accurate than with this advanced image processing technology
  • Fish Eye – 360-degree vision
  • SIRIUS Night Cameras – High quality colour images 24 hours a day

As we have said, you can expect full details of both PRO VISION ISR products and their specifications over the course of the next few weeks and months, as Prana Vision Ltd bring this exciting opportunity to the UK market.

PRO VISION ISR want to protect every part of the supply chain, from small installers through to large distributors, and Prana Vision Ltd help that to happen in the UK. All from our base in Ashton, Greater Manchester, where we assist distributors and installers with our industry experience and expertise.

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