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Conventional cameras vs ColorHunter

In the field of video security, colour-related information is crucial for identifying details of an event, especially at night.

Conventional cameras with infrared illumination can only provide black and white images for night time surveillance. As a result, people, vehicles or other important objects can easily blur and blend into the background, which makes it difficult to distinguish key elements.

Uniview has launched the brand ColorHunter series which guarantee video with colourful details when you need them. In addition, the ColorHunter camera
can also work with smart intrusion prevention to further enhance the probability and accuracy of feature extraction.


When ColorHunter meets dual-lens, the camera can catch colour from wider view. Which means you get a better picture when you need it. And better for identifying criminals, none of that green and grey night vision we’ve been stuck with in the past. 

With image stitching technology based on fusion algorithm, UNV ColorHunter+ dual-lens cameras can achieve a 32:9 ratio and 160° ultra-wide field of view at night that used to require multiple cameras. It can record the movement of the target all the way while unaffected by image distortion. In all, it replaces two conventional cameras with a wider field of view, which also reduce installation and labour costs.

Dual-lens combined with two F1.0 aperture and warm LEDs, the camera can perform colourful wide viewing image, even at night.

For plaza, hotel lobby and car parks that require a wide view in low-light environment, the ColorHunter+ Dual-lens stands out for its perfect image.

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