LPR Technology: All You Need To Know Before Installing Your License Plate Recognition Device.

When it comes of license plate recognition, the first thing to consider is the license plate itself! Each country has its own License Plate standard defined by some specific features such as: Dimensions Geometric format Syntax and character form One of the most common characteristics featuring all the modern international license plates is their RETRO-REFLECTANCE […]

Things grow stronger when you integrate

We are pleased to announce a new Integration between Provision-ISR NVRs and IMMIX platform. ABOUT IMMIX Immix is a global company focused on delivering the best security monitoring software for central stations and security operation centers.Whether it’s to protect your customer’s facilities, assets and people or your own, Immix mission has always been the same: […]

Advice from an Expert

OSSIA VMS – Reliable. High performing. Extensive capability. At Prana Vision Ltd, we know what we’re talking about with CCTV and Security Systems… We’ve got decades of experience within the industry, and we’ve seen it change dramatically over the years. From time to time though, new pieces of technology or equipment are introduced, such as […]