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Are you Cyber Secure?

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Have you ever asked yourself: Are you cyber secure?

About Check Point:

Check Point Software is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions for governments and corporate enterprises. Its products defend customers against cyber-attacks with an industry-leading success rate in detecting malware, ransomware, and other threats.

Check Point provides a multi-layered security architecture that safeguards cloud services, email, networks, and endpoint devices. This comprehensive and intuitive security management system enables network security managers to receive real-time, complete situational reports.

Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.

The scenario:

IoT products, including modern CCTV cameras, essentially function as small computers running operating systems and applications, making them vulnerable to hacking attacks.

CCTV cameras’ unique characteristics make them attractive targets for hackers, who employ sophisticated methods to breach networks, access data, and exploit assets. Their goal is to infiltrate sensitive networks, exploit vulnerabilities quickly, and profit from these actions.

Recognizing these risks, Provision-ISR partnered with cyber protection experts from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. This collaboration led to the development of a groundbreaking protection tool specifically designed for IoT products.

Provision-ISR is proud to be a pioneer in incorporating advanced cybersecurity solutions into its products, ensuring customers’ peace of mind and privacy in an increasingly complex and hazardous cyber-physical landscape.

Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent:

The revolutionary Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent provides runtime Protection for IP-connected CCTV systems, enabling Provision-ISR devices with built-in firmware security.

Implementing the ‘Quantum IoT Protect Nano Agent’ protection component in CCTV devices prevents hackers from taking control, adding malicious code, running remote code (RCE), or disrupting the device’s normal operation.

The Nano Agent is based on real-time anomaly detection and is not a signature-based solution. The component activates advanced protection mechanisms at the operating system and application levels and uses several innovative means, among others worthy of mention:

  • Anti-Shell Injection – monitoring shell commands executed by protected processes and their analysis to detect malicious code or command insertion attempts.
  • File Monitor – monitors the file system and prevents the possibility of adding or writing over existing files.
  • Import-Table Protection – monitoring API calls made through the import table to prevent exploitation of the function pointers from inserting an error code.
  • Control-Flow Integrity (CFI) – as the software runs, it “paces” on the command run path. This protection agent pre-maps all the branching paths of the software run and functions. During the run, the mechanism verifies that there is no deviation from the legal flow. Attempting to run malicious code will inevitably lead to deviation, which will be detected and stopped immediately.
  • Dynamic-Memory Protection – monitoring memory allocations and usage so that each dynamic memory allocation is checked and malicious code cannot use the volatile memory.

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