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AI Solutions – DDA Video Analytics, LPR Solutions and Face Recognition Technology

This week, we want to talk to you about a few of the Artificial Intelligence features found in the PROVISION-ISR range of CCTV and Security equipment…

At Prana Vision Ltd, we know that CCTV Distributors and Installers are looking for top spec products and services at competitive prices, which is exactly why we offer PROVISION-ISR products and nothing else, because we know that they tick every box.

You will be familiar with some of the features mentioned here already, such as facial recognition technology, but give yourselves a few minutes to see why PROVISION-ISR are able to call their products ‘leading edge’.

Firstly, DDA Video Analytics, which distinguishes between humans, vehicles and objects, will mean a significant reduction to false alarms caused by things such as shaking trees or rain.

Find out more about PROVISION-ISR’s DDA technology and view the demonstration videos here:

Some features include:

  • Line Crossing – The user is able to draw lines within a scene and set both crossing direction and crossing permissions.
  • Sterile Area – The user has the ability to draw an area on the screen and then grant access.
  • People/ Vehicles Counting – Real time entrance and exit monitoring for people and vehicles.

The second AI feature we want to cover in this email is LPR (License Plate Recognition) Solutions, because this really is where PROVISION-ISR offer leading edge products. Whether you’re looking for gate control, surveillance or parking management, this technology is game changing.

No more human confirmation is required due to deep learning algorithms and analytic processors.

Key features of PROVISION-ISR’s LPR technology include:

  • Optimum results in 99% of environmental and weather conditions
  • Effective in low light areas
  • Effective at challenging angles
  • Able to read non standard characters
  • Able to read 2 plates per second
  • Able to recognise more than 50 international plates
  • Effective on vehicles travelling at speeds up to 70km/h

Finally, we want to showcase the facial recognition technology from PROVISION-ISR, another example of how AI technology is shaping the future of the industry.

Full details can be found below (click the button)

Some of the key features include:

  • Database Search Capabilities and Flexible Management – single person or group search, quick back up and play back, single click new face registration.
  • Movement Tracking – search and track a person’s movement by time order and access related playback.
  • Recognition Statistics – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or customisable.


AI Technology is changing the face of this industry, making it more intelligent and purposeful than ever before.

As you will seen in the above information and links, PROVISION-ISR products are up there with the best in the business, which is why Prana Vision Ltd is proud to supply their products to distributors and installers in the UK.

To find out more or to discuss your requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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