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Advice from an Expert

OSSIA VMS - Reliable. High performing. Extensive capability.

At Prana Vision Ltd, we know what we’re talking about with CCTV and Security Systems…

We’ve got decades of experience within the industry, and we’ve seen it change dramatically over the years.

From time to time though, new pieces of technology or equipment are introduced, such as PROVISION-ISR’s OSSIA VMS (Video Management Software) meaning that there’s always an opportunity to learn more.

We listened to PROVISION-ISR Technical Specialist, Mr David Sibony, as he gave an overview of this particular piece of software, and we’ve tried to sum it up below…

You can listen to part 2 of the seminar yourself here:

What do you need to know about OSSIA VMS then?

According to PROVISION-ISR’s Technical Specialist, you can break it down into four key areas:

people counting

“as reliable as anything else in the industry”

Face Greeting & Recognition

“high performing”

LPR Monitoring

“extensive capability to recognise huge range of plates”

accounts & permissions

“see full activity logs, including any maintenance”

OSSIA VMS is as reliable as it is advanced, specifically designed for CCTV systems featuring multiple devices that are all controlled from a single platform.

Platform operators are then able to work with what Mr Sibony and PROVISION-ISR call “at a glance verification” which gives quick and easy access and management of multiple cameras through real time floor plans and intelligent mapping features.

PROVISION-ISR design and build this software. They are the industry leading experts at that.

Prana Vision Ltd supply it across the UK to distributors and installers. We are the experts at that.

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